Fourth of July Wreath

Happy (late) Fourth of July!

This summer I am a “nanny” to an AWESOME family! The youngest girl (Erin) loveeeees crafts just like me! One of the mom’s friends made a Fourth of July wreath that she had found on Pinterest

Here’s the wreath from Pinterest:


credit: (unfortunately the pin I found didn’t link to a blog or website 😔)

And here is the wreath Erin made:


And here’s the wreath I made:


When I first started on Pinterest (which was years and years ago) not having directions used to freak me out. I like to follow directions step by step if I can…but recently I have been trying to do things on my own! Here’s how we made ours:

Red Matte Spray Paint
Blue Matte Spray Paint
White Matte Spray Paint
100 Clothespins (you’ll need 16 for Blue, 42 for white and 42 for red)
Floral Round Metal Wreath


1. Spray paint all your Clothespins. We did two coats for each color.


2. Once the Clothespins are dry (we let ours dry overnight) assemble how you want your wreath to look. We pinned the Clothespins in the two middle wires of our wreath (our wreaths had 4 wires). Erin and I both did ours differently and both ways looked great!

3. I used my Cricut to cut out stars for our wreaths (I used the Create a Critter cartridge). Once the stars are cut out glue them onto the wreath.

4. Attach ribbon to the wreath so it can hang.

5. Enjoy!


❤️ Miss Jennifer